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Hershey’s World at Home

While Herhey’s Chocolate World locations are closed, they are offering some SWEET FUN at home!! Check them all out HERE!

Dominican Republic

I have been promising my 17 year old son a Mother/Son trip…so he chose to join me on a trip to the Dominican Republic. Last year, the Dominican Republic had been receiving some bad publicity and I was a little nervous about going…but we decided that we would keep our plans and check out the

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Adventures at Home

Adventures by Disney is one of my favorite ways to see the world. These guided tour vacations show you all the destination has to offer…while we cannot travel the world, Adventures by Disney is hosting the “Adventures from Home” series….check them out…which adventure is on your bucket list? Montana South Africa

Tangled Movie Night

**This is an old post from my old blog….but movie nights are too good not to re-share!** We love the movie Tangled.  My daughter wanted a Rapunzel 3rd birthday party.  After the party  was over I knew it would be the perfect chance to do a dinner movie night so I could use some of

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It is no secret that our family LOVES all things Disney. I love the stories, the movies, the imagination, the love , the creativity, the memories and so much more that makes everything Disney MAGICAL. During the quarantine at home, Disney is doing #DisneyMagicMoments and there are just so many amazing things to enjoy. So

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Magic Tree House Home Adventures

Do your kids LOVE the Magic Tree House Book Series? I know all three of my kids have gone through this series and just LOVED every adventure that they went on with Jack and Annie. If your kids lalready love these books, or maybe they have not started to read them, you will want to

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Movie Marathon

We are a bit of a movie junkie family….we own way too many movies, but we love to watch movies together and it has been a tradition of ours to have movie nights almost every Friday night since we were married over 21 years ago. Typically our Friday Night Movie Nights are just one movie,

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Family Game Night

Our family has always loved to play games…but with everyone being at home more now, we have been pulling them out more frequently and enjoying family game almost every night. Each night a different family member gets to choose the game that we all play together. What are your family’s favorite games to play? Here

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Campout at Home

Most of the campgrounds around the country are closed, so bring the great outdoors to your backyard or living room. Create a campout at home and make some memories you will always cherish! Fun Ideas for your Campout at Home 1) Set up a tent in the backyard (or living room) If you have a

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Animal Cams

I love animals and I love visiting zoos. When I cannot take my children to the zoo, we enjoying viewing animal cams from around the country to see what our favorite animals are up to….here are a few of our favorites! Earth Cam Explore Live Cams Eddinburgh Zoo Dublin Zoo San Diego Zoo Kansas City

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