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Pop 66- Arcadia, OK

As we continued on our College Visit road trip through Oklahoma, we knew we had to stop at Pops 66. This fun stop has a gas station, amazing food and over 700 (yes SEVEN HUNDRED) different sodas. There are sodas of all kinds (some are really disgusting, while others are amazing. If you find yourself

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The Gathering Place- Tulsa, Oklahoma

This weekend we are taking my oldest for his first college visit. He’s not sure what he wants to major in or where he would like to study, so let the road trip begin! We are Oklahoma bound. On our way through Oklahoma, we made a little detour in Tulsa. We had heard about The

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Costa Rica

Adventures by Disney- Costa Rica Coast to Coast My husband and I had the chance to experience our very first trip through Adventures by Disney.  Our tour was through the naturally beautiful country of Costa Rica. We spent six fun-filled days and nights in Costa Rica.  Most people don’t know much (if anything) about Adventures

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Top 11 Things That You Must Do in the Sunshine Coast Region of Australia!

The burgers was great…but we especially LOVED the Seasoned “chips”, we ended up eating her a couple of times and CRAVING those “chips” every day we weren’t there.