Family Fun

I try to be a fun mom…TRY being the key word. We do a lot of fun things as a family, but it isn’t always a party at our house. Just like everyone else on social media, I like to share the fun times, but you don’t see the REAL everyday life! Every meal we do is NOT a theme….every day is NOT filled with fun and crafts….we live a pretty normal life. But I have a confession to make….I LOVE themes! “Love” actually might be an understatement. I love planning a fun party or a themed movie night, so much so that I MIGHT go a little overboard. If we are going on a trip I might even pull in some fun crafts. This is where I will share those ideas!

I hope these inspire you to get those creative juices flowing! I would also love for you to share your creativity with me as well. send me a comment with a link, photos, or just a list of ideas you have done!