Why do YOU need ME?

“Should I use a Travel Agent to help me with my next vacation?”  Well, since I am a travel agent, I bet my answer is obvious…ABSOLUTELY!  Now you know that I am obviously bias, but let me tell you why…

I think a lot of people misunderstand what Travel Agents do. Yes, I do quote and book vacations. But I do so much more than that.  I make personalized itineraries and plans for you, as well as answer questions, give advice & be on call for your vacation.  However, YOU will retain COMPLETE control over the details of your vacation. It is your vacation and I want it to be what you want.

Something else that most people do not understand is that the cost of my commission is already included in the cost you pay even when you book on your own. Yes, this costs you NOTHING extra over booking it yourself,  there are no extra hidden fees!  So essentially you are paying for a service you are not receiving when you book the vacation yourself.  Why not use the help you are paying for, even if you only need me to answer your questions after we book the trip.  I’m not paid an hourly wage. I only get paid commission on trips I book, and only after you return home from traveling. I do not get paid if you do not book with me. So that vacation, cruise, etc. that you book on your own – I could have booked it for the same price (and often times even lower!) and you would also have helped me build my business AT NO COST TO YOU.

You may be wondering why vendors would pay a travel agent if they could book all of the travel themselves?  The answer is actually pretty simple – travel agents work to make your trip better.  The more fun you have on your vacation, the more likely you are to go back.

Using a travel agent, is NOT giving up control of your vacation. It is making sure that everything is covered. My promise to you is that I will strive to make your vacation as perfect as possible.  My personalized planning services will help you save time and money,  plus get all of your questions answered–resulting in a better vacation experience for everyone! Any family can benefit from my expertise in vacation destinations! Best of all, when you book your vacation with me, ALL of these planning services are included at no additional cost!!

I can literally book anything!!! From any Disney destination, Universal Studios, Sandals & Beaches, ANY all inclusive resorts, ANY cruise line, Groups & MORE!

So think of me when you’re ready to book your next vacation, booking with a travel agent is a win-win!

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