How To Support Your Friends Small Business

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2020 has been a pretty rotten year and has hit a LOT of people hard….loss of jobs, forced closures, health issues, and so much more. This holiday season try to support those small business owners you might know. As you do your holiday shopping think of who you know and what they sell. Here are 10 way that you can help them!

1. Like Their Page & Like Their Posts

Many small business owners have a Facebook Page, an Instagram account, or other social media platforms. When you like their page and like their posts, it helps to make them more visible to your friends.

2. Share Their Posts and Pictures

When you see your friend has shared a business post, help them out by sharing it too. You might not be interested in the product, but one of your friends might be. The more you share, the more your friend could be selling!

3. Comment on Their Posts

Commenting on your friend’s business posts is another way to help more people see their products. Maybe you have used what they are selling or have visited the place they are highlighting. Comment to help add credibility to their post and helps make sure that you are seeing their posts on a regular basis.

4. Tag a Friend

If you see a small business owner share something that you know a friend or family member might be interested in. Go ahead and tag that friend so that you are sure that they see the post.

5. Buy or Book Through Your Friend (Small Business Owner)

Maybe you can order it off Amazon, Maybe you could book the trip yourself….but by buying/booking with the small business owner you are helping them provide for their families.

I am a small business owner who works off of commission. You do NOT pay any more when you book your trip with me and in fact, many times I can save you money over what you might find online. I know some people really love to plan their own vacations, but when you book with me, you can still retain complete control of your planning and just use me for a sounding board, someone to help you research, or someone to offer suggestions. If you are planning a vacation, I would love for you to support my small business!

6. Leave a Review

If you have first hand knowledge of the business or product….leave a review on their social media page, blog, or website. The more reviews the better their business does!

7. Give Them a Shout Out

Create a new post that mentions your friend’s small business and post on your own timeline. Personally, I am a lot more likely to buy something from someone a friend recommends and takes the time to share about on their social media platform!

8. Post a Picture (and tag them)

Similar to #7, if you have a photo you can post of something your friend is selling or a vacation that your friend booked for you….post it and tag the business page and your friend. It is all about exposure for small business owners, so the more you can share the more they will be able to build their followers.

9. Comment an Emoji

You might not have time to leave a detailed comment or to create a brand new post, but posting a simple emoji helps post visibility! Commenting also helps make sure that you are seeing their posts on a regular basis.

10. Follow on Social Media

This step often gets overlooked. Liking a page isn’t enough….you need to follow the business so that their posts will show up in your news feed.