Monsters University Movie Night

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**This is an old post from my old blog….but movie nights are too good not to re-share!**

Whether you are counting down to a vacation or just wanting to do something different for the family, Themed Movie meals are always a great choice. SEVERAL years ago we did several themed meals before a Disney Vacation. Our Monsters University meal turned out to be one of my favorites…but the menu was a little challenging to come up with.  At the time it was a newer new movie, and I couldn’t find ANY blogs about dinners, so I had to get creative. Since then, I am sure there are MANY more ideas out there.

The Decorations:

The decorations were pretty easy since it was a new movie and there was a whole section at Wal-Mart of Monsters University Party supplies.  I bought a tablecloth, napkins, plates, and the plastic cups.  I found a cute banner and the club signs online.  I printed a few pennants and taped them to pencils. I made my own menu and water bottle labels.

The Menu:

I went to the Monsters University website….YES, there is an actual website that looks like a real college site.  Under Campus Life, the listed dining options and one of the options was Monster Cafe-so I used their menu ideas for my meal and then added a few extra items.

Cheese Fries

Gross Beef Sandwiches (Hamburgers)

Jell-o Slime Jigglers


Eye Scream Sundaes

Eye Scream Sundae Bar

The treats:

I found these cute printables for activity books and printed one out for each of the kids.  They also each got a Sulley Pez Dispenser to enjoy during the movie.

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