Movie Marathon

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We are a bit of a movie junkie family….we own way too many movies, but we love to watch movies together and it has been a tradition of ours to have movie nights almost every Friday night since we were married over 21 years ago. Typically our Friday Night Movie Nights are just one movie, sometimes two….but on cold or rainy days (or during quarantine) we like to do marathons.

Our Favorite Movie Marathons

Disney…you can break them up so many ways.
  • Classics
  • Disney Nature
  • Live Action (or pair live action with cartoon to see both ways)
  • Muppets
  • Pixar
  • Princess
  • Tinker Bell
  • Toy Story
Harry Potter (not for all ages)
Hunger Games (not for all ages)
Marvel (not for all ages)
Star Wars (not for all ages)
Television Series (instead of Movies)

Does your family have a favorite movie marathon list? Share in the comments!

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