Campout at Home

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Most of the campgrounds around the country are closed, so bring the great outdoors to your backyard or living room. Create a campout at home and make some memories you will always cherish!

Fun Ideas for your Campout at Home

1) Set up a tent in the backyard (or living room)

If you have a tent, dig it out and set it up. If the weather is nice do it outside, if not set up in the living room. If you do not have a tent, build a fort, use the trampoline, use your imagination.

2) Cook outside

Wether you choose to grill or build a campfire, hotdogs, hamburger and s’mores are sure to be a hit with everyone.

3) Play Games

If you have yard games pull those out to play…cornhole, washers, sidewalk chalk, jumprope, baseball….what is your favorite?

4) Go for a Bike Ride

When we go camping the kids love to take their bikes. Take a family bike ride around the neighborhood and look at the beauty around you.

5) Make a Nature Collage

If you want to do some artsy things, how about a nature collage or artwork. Let the kids use their imaginations to create some art from nature.

6) Tell Stories around the campfire (or by flashlight)

Take turns telling stories around the campfire….if you do not have a way to build one, use the flashlight. They can be scary (if you like scary), silly, funny or serious…but they are sure to create memories.

What are your favorite camping activities? Have you tried camping at home?

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