Little Mermaid Dinner

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**This is an old post from my old blog site….but movie nights are too good not to re-share!**

Our menu, of course, revolved around the movie.

The decorations were literally thrown together in about 30 minutes.  We had planned on waiting until Saturday to do the dinner, but realized this morning that we had something tomorrow night and Saturday…so it got bumped to tonight!

Our table decorations, complete with Ariel, Flounder, and Sebastian waiting to welcome us Under the Sea.  As the kids came in we had the song playing as well.  I told them we were doing the dinner, but the theme was a surprise.

 I took a couple of $.99 plastic tablecloths and cut them into strips to make streamers.  I draped them over the light…

I raided my Luau box and found some flower candle plates, seashells, stones, and leis.

Sebastian was in charge of the menu and proudly sat beside the frame. 

The kids got such a kick out of the movie tickets last month, that I knew they had to be a part of this months meal as well.  

More strips of tablecloth and crepe paper formed the sea curtain into the kitchen.  

 Ariel sat in the giant seashell and brushed her hair with a dinglehopper.

Our meal…

Ursula Dogs on seaweed, Ariel’s Cheesy Sea Shells, King Triton’s Titan bread stick, 

Flounder Ocean Water, and Sebastian Salad.

And for dessert…probably my favorite…and yes this was my original idea…


(I saw other oyster ideas online, but nothing sounded good to me)

Ready for the movie to start, tickets in hand!

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