Packing Cubes

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If you know me, then you know that I am a VERY organized person.  I like everything to have its place and I really hate jumbled messes. You can imagine how annoyed I would get with suitcases.  I LOVE to travel, but packing and suitcases were my arc nemesis….I TRULY HATE the process.  I unpack as soon as I get to a hotel (yes, even if it is for only ONE night). I just can’t help it.   Over the years, I have tried zip-lock bags and other ways to get my suitcase semi-organized, but I felt like there had to be a better way. About a year ago I discovered this AMAZING invention called a packing cube.   If you have not discovered them yet, then you really MUST check them out!!!  These little organizational cubes have changed my packing game!  They make the process easier, it takes less time to pack, and I no longer dread it. 

What is a packing cube? 

I am glad you asked!  A packing cube is a zippered bag, that comes in various sizes.

There are many brands out there, but my favorite is this brand….It came with 4 sizes and also with a small laundry bag.  I loved them so much that I bought everyone in my family a set.  Each member has a different color, so when we travel it is very easy for a person to know which cubes hold their clothes. 

This is how I use them.  When I am ready to pack, I pull out all my items on my packing list (I have an obsession with packing cubes, OF COURSE I have a packing list) and fold them for packing.  As I fold them, I put each like item together (shirts, pants, pajamas, underwear, socks, swimsuits, etc).  Once everything is gathered, folded, and sorted, I decide how I want to put them in the cubes.  (I really only did this step until I figured out what worked best, and now I use the same organization on each trip…but there is no right/wrong answer…simply what is best for you!

For MOST trips….I like to put my outfits together. They are folded and stacked into the same cube (If you need extra space you can roll them for saving space).  Usually I use the largest cube for these, but if the trip is shorter, I might use the next to largest.  In the next sized cube I put any comfy clothes, pajamas, swimsuits etc.  I save the smallest for undergarments and socks.  Again, there is no right or wrong way to divide up your clothes, this is just what works best for me. If you have an extra cube, you can use this to place shower essentials, technology cords, shoes or whatever else you might want to use it for….just remember to put all liquids in a zip-lock bag if flying so that the liquid doesn’t end up all over your clothes.

Recently on a weekend trip to visit my in-laws, we only needed 2 outfits each, so it didn’t make sense to take a big suitcase.  I took the medium size cube for each person, packed their pajamas and 2 outfits in it and then stacked them inside the small carry-on size suitcase.  It was perfect!! 

When we arrive at our destination, I do still unpack if I am able to.  I can easily pull all of one colored cube, hand it to that family member and they can place them in the drawer.  If we are not where we can unpack, it is ok, because now everything is easily organized and I can quickly pull out the clothes that each person needs for the day. 

While these cubes are nothing short of Magic, they haven’t come up with a way to help me pick out what clothes to pack…. I always struggle with clothing choices and end up over packing!! 

Do you use packing cubes??  Do you have any genius ways that I haven’t thought of using them?  If so please share!!

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