Peter Pan Themed Movie Night.

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**This is an old post from my old blog….but movie nights are too good not to re-share!**

Our most recent movie dinner night was Peter Pan. I wanted the entire meal to be themed around Peter Pan, but it ended up being more “Pirate” theme.

For the menu I wanted to use names that went with the movie.

Jolly Roger Pizzas, Captain Hook Breadsticks and Pirate Gold Corn
I dipped the edge of our cups in corn syrup and then is colored sugar sprinkles…a little Pixie Dust from Tinker Bell.

 Tink’s Pixie Dust Punch.  This was just strawberry lemonade with Sparkling Strawberry Water….and it was DELICIOUS!

For dessert we had Blue Lagoon
Peter Pan’s Fruit Swords

I pulled out the Pirate dress up items to help decorate my table.  I also added the Peter Pan Little Golden Book, a skull, and some Fairy gummies.

Tinker Bell flew above our table…and Peter Pan’s shadow stood guard at the door to keep Captain Hook from spoiling our fun.

 A movie themed dinner isn’t complete without movie tickets. I just opened up photoshop and recreated some that I saw online on another blog.  Under the barcode it shows our countdown to Disney World…4 MONTHS!

Since I was starting to get Halloween decorations out, I decided this little pirate need to guard our movie candy.  

I surprised the kids with this dinner, but I told them to get dressed in their Pirate costumes.  They were more than happy to amuse mom.  

I might be a little partial, but this little miss pirate, is about the cutest I have ever seen.  

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