The Corn Palace

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As we were planning our trip into South Dakota, several people suggested that we stop at the Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota. It was not a long stop but it was fun and gave us a chance to stretch our legs and take a look around.

Known as the World’s Only Corn Palace it tends to draw a lot of visitors each year….over 500,000 tourists come from around the country every year. These visitors are treated to some very unique corn murals.

How did it begin?

The Corn Palace was first established in 1892, when Mitchell, South Dakota was a newer (12 years old) city. The World’s Only Corn Palace was established on the city’s Main Street. I wonder if they knew back then that 100 years later it would become so well know?

“The palace was conceived as a gathering place where city residents and their rural neighbors could enjoy a fall festival with extraordinary stage entertainment – a celebration to climax a crop-growing season and harvest. This tradition continues today with the annual Corn Palace Festival held in late August each year.

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