Road Trips

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Road trips might be my favorite family vacation.  You might not think that based on the number of other destinations we visit, but I LOVE a good road trip.  The time together in a car with my family always creates so many laughs and unforgettable memories…and the older my kids get the more I cherish those times!

I am always asked, how I go about planning our road trips.  Today, I want to share with you the 5 steps to planning the perfect road trip! 

  1. Choose your final destination….what is the main location you want to reach?  Maybe you have 2 or 3, what are they? 
  2. Figure out the general route you will take. Will travel home on the same route you took there?  We like to make more of a circular trip, so we travel one way to our main destination and then on the way home we take a different route (even if one way is a little longer). 
  3. Once you have your route figured out…look for iconic stops along the route.  These short stops sometimes end up being more of a favorite than our actual destination. 
  4. Next, you want to decide how long you will drive each day.  Be sure to keep in mind any activities or locations you want to visit along the way and allow enough time for those as well.  I find it best to book hotels in advance to help us finalize those plans a little better.  I don’t want to get to a town only to discover some random event is going on and every hotel is booked solid.  
  5. Prepare for your trip….stock the car with snacks, drinks, games, movies, books etc.  The more prepared you are the less money you will spend and the more fun everyone will have.  I also like to download any important apps for your trip.  A few of my road trip favorites can be found here.  

Plan on my own…or use a Travel Agent?

Should you use a travel agent to plan your road trip?  Many people think that a travel agent is just for those big trips to exotic destination, but as a travel agent, I have more insight into various locations as well as more resources to help plan vacations.  I can help you map out your trip, offer suggestions for stops along the way, help you book hotels, and help come up with a basic daily itinerary. 

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