My Favorite Road Trip Apps

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Our cell phones seem to never leave our hands…While sometimes I REALLY like to go off-grid without mine, I also REALLY like to have apps that help improve my travel! When we take a road trip, there are a few I simply cannot live without!!

Packing Pro: If you are a list maker then this app is for you…You can custom create lists for any trip you take and save them into your phone. When it comes time to pack, click on the list and start packing. As you pack each item on the list, click the box.

ICE+: This app is amazing for keeping up with your health information. We don’t like to think we might get sick while traveling, but it happens….and when it does we want to be prepared to get the help we need.

RoadTrippers: This app is great for the planning process…you can map out your trip. Then you can use it while traveling to explore nearby places, see what places are close to your route, browse free travel guides and save your itineraries.

Waze: This is a map app that alerts you to traffic issues on the road. Waze alerts you to traffic, police, hazards and more on your drive. It will also get you there faster with instant routing that avoids traffic. It will give you an arrival time based on live traffic so you have a good idea of when you will arrive.

Tripit: Save all your hotel and activity reservations in one place so that you can access them easily!!

Roadside America: I love, Love, LOVE this app. When you are looking for a place to stop to stretch your legs, go to the bathroom or get a bite to eat, use Roadside America. You will find some of the QUIRKIEST places in the USA on this app…never would I have know about the WORLD’s Largest Chechoslavakian Egg in Wilson, Kansas if it hadn’t been for this app! My kids (and our church youth group) LOVE the places this app helps us find!

Polar Steps: This is a journaling app that allows you to share your trip with family and friends. You can journal, add photos, and it even has a real time map that shows your current location. This app is perfect for road trips, and when you get home, you can even have a photo book printed from the app showing the journey you have been on!

What are your GO-TO apps for road trips or travel in general??

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