Costa Rica Coast to Coast– Day 6

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After breakfast at the resort we headed down to the beach to begin our last adventure of the week.

 We were treated to a morning on a private catamaran.

 We sailed around the golden coast of Costa Rica for a while before stopping for some water fun.  We were able to swim, snorkel, paddle board, and enjoy the sunshine.

While we were on board we were served snacks and just enjoyed the day with our fellow adventurers.

After about 3 hours we headed back to the resort where we were given the afternoon to enjoy as we wished.   We opted to swim for a while and then rented a kayak to go back out on the water and soak up a few more minutes of the Costa Rican scenery.

To wrap up our fabulous week tonight was our farewell dinner.  Mike kept telling us that they really do not like to call it a  “farewell” dinner, but prefer to say it is an “Until We Meet Again” dinner.  It is amazing how much we have grown as a group this week.  We started out as strangers on day one and now we have developed friendships that we will carry back to the USA with us.  

To start off the night we met at the bar area to learn how to make Mohitos.  Since we do not drink we were told how to make ours without alcohol.  The kids were taught how to make mango smoothies over at a separate area away from the alcohol.  We celebrated our week in a beautiful country with a performance by some local Costa Rican dancers. They shared some dances that are popular in different regions of the country.  Their costumes were bright and vibrant and the dances were beautiful.

For dinner, we were given menus the night before where we were able to select our menu choices in advance and they had our food ready for us.  After dinner, we were able to relive the adventures of the week as we watched a slide show that Mike and Rod put together for us.  We were given our departure times for tomorrow, said goodbye to those we would not see in the morning, and decided to spend a last few minutes hanging out with some of our new friends.

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