The Gathering Place- Tulsa, Oklahoma

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This weekend we are taking my oldest for his first college visit. He’s not sure what he wants to major in or where he would like to study, so let the road trip begin! We are Oklahoma bound.

On our way through Oklahoma, we made a little detour in Tulsa. We had heard about The Gathering Place and knew it was something that our 17-year-old and his best friend would enjoy.  The Gathering Place is a Riverfront Park and they truly have something for everyone!  We saw people from all walks of life enjoying a beautiful, chilly spring day.  There were young college students studying inside in a cozy seating area by a fire, and more in the sunroom overlooking a small lake.  There were couples sitting in sunchairs out by the lake.  Families were walking around the paths while kids (young and old alike) were enjoying the climbing structures, swings, slides, and zip line.  In the summer they also have water features that were closed today while we were there. As I was walking I noticed signs announcing various programs including a story time.  If you decide to visit, be sure to check out their website to see if there is anything special going on while you will be there.

“Our wish is for all Tulsans to enjoy this space. A park that reflects the unique culture and spirit of our city. A park that will continue to inspire imagination. A park like none other.” The Gathering Place Website

They do have paper maps, but if you want to explore a little before you arrive, you can download their app in the app store as well.

If you find yourself close to Tulsa, I would definitely recommend a stop at the Gathering Place…allow a few hours playing and exploring!

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