Frozen Family Movie Night

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**this is an old post from my old blog….but movie nights are too good not to re-share!**

Do you want to build a snowman…come on lets go and play….

It has only been 2 weeks since our last movie night, but my kids have literally been begging every day for me to do another one.  Since I was later starting our countdown dinners this time, I decided to humor them and throw another one in at 6 weeks until our trip.  

Ever since the movie Frozen came out, I have been wanting to do a Frozen Movie night.   The movie is one of my favorites that Disney has done.  I have tried really hard not to get caught up in the “Frozen MADNESS” that has swept the country since that movie was released.  The Disney Store had to set limits on how much people could buy…The waits to meet Elsa and Anna at Disney World is easily 4-5 hours, if you do not get a fastpass…everyone loves the movie.

My menu for tonight was REALLY easy!!

I made the menu, tickets  and food cards to match. 

The decorations were really pretty simple…I bought 2 purple table cloths, an icicle looking door curtain, frozen plates, napkins, and cups. I printed the designs that I created above. Then I made a few snowflakes to hang from the light fixture over the table and borrowed Jaycee’s Anna and Elsa dolls.

The Dessert Table:

I like to surprise the kids, but when I suggested my little princess find something to do while I got things ready, she teared up asking if he could PLEASE HELP…so of course I let her help and we had a fun mommy and daughter afternoon getting things ready to surprise her brothers!

SURPRISE…well, not really, they had figured out what we were doing and the movie before they even came upstairs for dinner. 

These smiles are why we do Disney Movie nights, because they love them and their smiles melt my heart every time.

Tonight, we actually had a couple of activities that they could do.  I found this cute paper Olaf that I just printed on card stock, cut out and put the pieces in a baggie with a glue stick.  Then they had their pieces and could assemble it during the movie.

The second activity was a “Do You Want To build a Snowman” kit.  The kit was made up of marshmallows, M&M’s, chocolate chips (mini and normal sizes), pretzels and candy corn. 

This movie night was super easy and so much fun. The kids look forward to these and seriously beg. It is amazing how a few catchy names, some paper plates, and some printed menus/food cards can bring so much fun into a meal. I laughed at my kids as they raved and raved about how good those sandwiches were….these are the kids who daily beg NOT TO EAT SANDWICHES, apparently the hoagie rolls made all the difference!

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