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Adventures by Disney- Costa Rica Coast to Coast

My husband and I had the chance to experience our very first trip through Adventures by Disney.  Our tour was through the naturally beautiful country of Costa Rica. We spent six fun-filled days and nights in Costa Rica.  Most people don’t know much (if anything) about Adventures by Disney.  There seems to be a common misconception that Disney is all about characters, amusement parks, and cruises. But that isn’t the case.  In 2005, Disney launched a line of vacation opportunities called Adventures by Disney.   These adventures would take families all over the world through various countries like China, Peru, Italy, Ireland, Norway, and many others. Adventures by Disney does not revolve around Mickey Mouse, Disney World or Disneyland.  Instead, Adventures by Disney is a guided tour that provides opportunities for families to adventure together and see the world as a family.  You are engrossed in the culture of the land….learning the history, cultures, and lifestyles that each country has to offer.  The trips are geared toward families with something for all ages!   Junior Adventurers were treated to special opportunities especially for them.  Families had opportunities to spend time together.  Couples, young and old alike, can enjoy time alone while taking in some of the most beautiful scenery that the country you are visiting has to offer.  Disney takes care of every detail.  From the moment you arrive at your starting point until you reach your final destination, Adventures by Disney makes sure that you receive the superior service for which Disney is known.

I really couldn’t think of a better way to describe this trip other than a day by day journal summary….so here goes!  (My summary is loaded with pictures, so I am going to break up the summaries into different posts, to make it easier to keep the photos grouped together with the correct day of our tour.)

Click each link below to be taken to the detailed description of each day.

Costa Rica Coast to Coast

Day 1:  Costa Rica Coast to Coast– Day 1

Day 2:  Costa Rica Coast to Coast– Day 2

Day 3:  Costa Rica Coast to Coast– Day 3

Day 4:  Costa Rica Coast to Coast– Day 4

Day 5:  Costa Rica Coast to Coast– Day 5

Day 6:  Costa Rica Coast to Coast– Day 6

Day 7:  Costa Rica Coast to Coast– Day 7

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