Costa Rica Coast to Coast– Day 1

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Today was spent traveling to Costa Rica. After we went through customs in San Jose and claimed our bags, we were met by an Adventures by Disney representative.  They put us into a taxi and off we went to the Marriott Hotel of San Jose.  As soon as we arrived at the Marriott, our two adventure guides met us.  Disney typically has one guide who is from the USA and one who is local to the country/area where the tour takes place.  Our Adventures by Disney guides for the Costa Rica Coast to Coast adventure were Mike and Ronald.  The Marriott was georgeous and nestled in the middle of a coffee plantation.  While Ronald, our local Adventures by Disney guide, checked us in, we were given a brief orientation by Mike.  We were told what to do and expect on day two, and then we were able to explore the beautiful hotel.  We took some time to see the grounds and go for a swim.  The water there was cold.  San Jose is located in the valley, so the wind is strong, causing it to be a little cooler in the mornings and evenings.  So instead of swimming, we lounged by the pool and had lunch.  Later in the evening, we ate dinner at Antigua, one of the hotel restaurants.  They had an amazing buffet full of meats, vegetables, and desserts.  After dinner, we grabbed some coffee (you cannot be on a coffee plantation without drinking a cup a coffee) and then returned to our room for a good night sleep.  Day two promises to be a busy and exciting day! 

Click each link below to be taken to the detailed description of each day.

Costa Rica Coast to Coast

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