12 Fun Ways to Collect Disney Character Autographs

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Children love to meet characters at Walt Disney World and they love to get their autographs….I’m an adult and I love to meet the characters as well! Over the years we have seen and done some pretty fun autograph collecting…sometimes it was a little out of the norm.  Below are my top 12 favorite ways to collect autographs when visiting Disney World (or Disneyland/Disney Cruise Line).

1.The Traditional Autograph Book–  These are sold in the park and are very easy to find.  If you just want something simple, this is the way to go!  They have many varieties and themes available inside the parks. (these can also be bought in advance at the DisneyStore.com)

2. Individual Cards- For the scrapbooker out there, this is my favorite….have the characters sign cards and then when you come home to work on a memory book of your trip, you can insert those cards into your album with the photos.

3. Take a blank sketchbook and allow your kids to decorate with stickers, paper etc before your trip.  We used Modge Podge to protect it from all the handling.

4. Photo Matte- Choose your favorite size and have the characters sign around the matte.  When you return home, print your favorite memory and display it in the matte. (I suggest using a large ziplock bag to protect the matte while in the parks.)

5. Pillowcases- Take a solid color pillow case with some sharpies and let the characters sign the case.  (Make sure to put something between the layers so that the colors do not bleed through to the other side.)

6. Hats/Shirts- Characters won’t autograph (or aren’t supposed to) if you are wearing the shirt, but they will if it is not on a body. (Make sure to put something between the layers so that the colors do not bleed through to the other side.)

7. Mouse Ears– These turn out really cute.  If you are going to get the traditional black ears, you might want to take a silver or white Sharpie to use on them so that you know they will show up.

8. Fabric Pieces- If you like to sew, you can cut squares of fabrics and have them autographed.  Once you return home you can quilt them into a beautiful keepsake quilt or blanket.

9. Bag/Backpack-  This idea would be pretty limitless from drawstring bags, canvase totes, back packs and more….choose your favorite bag and collect autographs.  What a fun conversation starter with friends to share all about your fun Disney Vacation.

10. Disney Junior Encyclopedia of Animated Characters–  This book has every Disney animated Character listed in it (some of the newer characters may not be in there).  Let the characters sign on their page.  If they don’t have one you can always use the inside front/back cover or some of the cover page.

11. Vinylmation- This ended up be my favorite of all time.  These come in solid white in a few designs.  We did the solid white Mickey…but I have also seen this cute Tsum Tsum one at Hobby Lobby.  Use a variety of colors to make it stand out.  It is funny to watch the characters look for the perfect spot!  You get the autographs and come home with a cute souvenir!

12. Character Plush– I stumbled upon these as I was searching Amazon for images to share.  I have not personally used these, but how cute would these be to collect those autographs on.  If you try them, be sure to let me know what you think!

One thing to keep in mind is that Characters need the pens and markers to be easy to hold.  I love to use the Retractable Sharpie Markers which keep us for worrying about losing the lids.  What are your favorite ways to collect autographs?

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