Travel Agents…How they save YOU money!

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Have you been leery of using a Travel Agent in the past to book your travel?  Did you even wonder if Travel Agents still existed?   I want to help explain how booking with a Travel Agent can actually save you money!

1.  They Manage the Vacation Details for you!

A Travel Agent is there to help you with your vacation.  Using one does NOT MEAN YOU LOSE CONTROL of your vacation!  You retain COMPLETE control over the details of your vacation.  (Think of it like a Store Owner, trusting their store to a manager.) 

Tell them what you have in mind, ask questions, give them a check list, and share with them your wishes…..but let someone else manage the details.  A travel agent watches for new information on the various destinations, they look for opportunities to save you money, they can offer suggestions of extra things you might want to consider, and much more.  But in the end, it is YOUR VACATION and they want it to be YOURS!!

2.  Travel Agents don’t cost extra!

While I am sure there are exceptions to the rule, generally speaking, the BEST TRAVEL AGENTS make commission on their sales from resorts, tour companies, cruise lines, hotels, etc. when you book the trip with them.  This means that they do not add additional fees for their service.  If in doubt, ask them if there is a fee for their services.  Most Agencies will only charge a planning fee if you need assistance, but did not book with them.  The cost of their commission is already included in the cost you pay even when you book on your own. So essentially, you are paying for a service you are not receiving when you book the vacation yourself.

3. They Make Sure Everything is in Place!

One of the most stressful parts of travel is making sure all the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed.  A travel agent is familiar with various countries and destinations.

  • Do you know if you need special documentation?  Do you need a passport, visa, immunizations?  Is there anything special to know about the customs regulations?
  • Do you need a power converter?
  • Do you need to exchange currency?  If so where is the best place to do that?
  • Do you know your options when it comes to travel insurance?  What kind of coverage do you need?  Do you need it at all?

You don’t want to make costly mistakes and having a travel agent watching out for these things saves you from unneeded stress and headaches!

4. They Save YOU Time!

We live in a world where everything is fairly accessible on the internet.  You can look up destinations, reviews, pricing, etc.  You may be a PRO at booking your own vacations, but how many hours do you spend researching and planning?  It is a hassle to research and find the best deals, the best times to travel, the best hotels/resorts…it takes A LOT of Time!   A Travel Agent will talk with you to figure out what you are thinking and then put together some options to choose from.  Don’t waste your precious time researching and wondering if you are truly getting the best deal.

5.  They have Knowledge and Wisdom!

A Travel Agent can offer you their knowledge and wisdom.  There is a globe waiting to be traveled, but many times, you do not have the knowledge to make the best decisions.  Does a Travel Agent know everything??  No, we don’t…but we have resources to help us find accurate information for the things we do not already know.  A Travel Agent can offer you insight, personal experience, and pros and cons from other travelers.  The knowledge and resources that they have can make your trip more enjoyable and save you money.

Are your dates flexible?  If you are not locked into certain dates, a Travel Agent can help you choose the best time to travel.  There are certain times of the year that are better, depending on where you are going, and a Travel Agent is trained to help you choose the best time.  Did you know that changing your dates just a week or two could save you a LOT of money?

6.  They Can Work With Your Budget!

Now, obviously, they aren’t miracle workers.  With realistic goals for a destination and budget, a Travel Agent can guide you and help you find that perfect vacation that fits within the allotted budget.  Sometimes, you even get more than you expected for less!

7.  They Can Find You Bonus Perks!

Travel Agents stay in touch with suppliers via email, websites, and trainings.  They know when a certain supplier is offering a deal or perks and they work to get those for their clients.  Many times, someone who isn’t trained to find them misses them.  But a Travel Agent knows where to look and will work to get you the most for your money!

8.  They Are Accustomed to Working with All Family Sizes!

Does everyone in your family have a different idea of what they want?  Have you ever traveled with your whole family (or know someone who has)?  The most common statement that you will hear is, “Making everyone happy is hard and tiring!” …and often it is expensive.  A Travel Agent is used to working with families and groups of all sizes.  When working on an itinerary, they make sure everyone is included, they plan the details in advance, and they stick within your budget.  No more last minute surprises when you get that vacation bill and you are suddenly WAY over budget!

9.  They Watch for SALES!

Everyone likes to save money!  A Travel Agent is trained to watch for sales.  Not all destinations allow them to apply a sale after a booking is made, but some do.  When a sale comes out, a Travel Agent will see if they can apply that sale to your existing reservation.   Do you know when sales come out?  Do you want to spend precious time trying to apply those sales to your vacation?  Travel Agents work hard to make your dollar go further.

10.  They Allow You to Set Up a Payment Plan!

If possible, a Travel Agent will allow you to set up a payment plan so that the entire amount is not due at booking.  If you travel soon, then that may not be possible, and some suppliers do not allow it either.  If you plan far enough in advance, you may be able to only pay a small deposit when you book and the final payment won’t be due until closer to travel.  Book early, set up a payment plan, and keep from having a huge final payment due!

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