A Twist on Gift Giving…

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The gift giving season is just around the corner.  Have you started your shopping yet?  I am way behind this year, but as I ponder my list, I am finding myself at a loss.  My kids DO NOT NEED MORE STUFF!  They have the things they need, when we ask what they want for Christmas they can only tell us 1, maybe 2 things.  So I find myself thinking outside the box this Christmas.

This Christmas, what about giving experiences and/or travel, instead of “stuff”.  With experiences, the sky is the limit…be creative, think about their interests!  Here are some ideas to get those creative juices flowing!

Give the Gift of Travel

Does your family vacation every year?  Maybe this year you reveal your travel plans at Christmas.  Take some time planning out the vacation, with something special for each family member.  It doesn’t have to be extravagant….just something together as a family, where you can disconnect from technology and reconnect with each other!

Our family as we boarded the Disney Magic for a cruise from NY to Canada!
  1. Camping- Pack up the tent and plan a camping trip.  Does each family member have a favorite activity?  Try to work that into the trip and enjoy time in nature together!
  2. Mystery Road Trip- your imagination is the limit with this one.  Don’t tell the kids where you are going in advance, you can give them little hints along the way or make them wait until you arrive.  Any destination can be an adventure.
  3. Cruise- Cruising ranks pretty high on my favorite vacation list.  It is so relaxing, meals and activities are planned out for you, you can see some amazing places and you come home refreshed!
  4. Guided Tour Trip…where have you always wanted to go?? A guided tour is perfect because the itinerary is planned out for you!
  5. Vacation to a “Dream Destination”- Maybe it’s a foreign country, Disney World, Disneyland, Universal Studios, a National Park, Hawaii…where has your family always wanted to go?
  6. Vacation to your favorite spot- Do you have somewhere that you love to go as a family?  Is it time to revisit this place?
  7. Plane ticket to visit a family member who lives far away.
  8. Weekend getaway
  9. Trip to see friends in another state
  10. Cabin rental-somewhere scenic

Maybe Traveling is not in the budget this year….

Here are some experience ideas that you can give at a lower cost and still give the family an experience they will remember!

The Grand Canyon
  1. Passes to the Movies-  Everyone loves a night out at the movies, give them some passes and plan a night together at the show!  Maybe throw in coupons for snacks too!
  2. Tickets to a musical or ballet
  3. Tickets to a show
  4. Tickets to a sporting event- Would your enthusiast love a ticket to see their favorite team?
  5. Membership/annual pass to a museum
  6. Membership/annual pass to a local science center,
  7. Zoo Membership
  8. Season Passes to a theme park (Six Flags, Disneyland, Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World, etc)
  9. Local and/or National Park passes for the year.  Our country has some amazing scenery to offer…go see it!
  10. Pottery/Painting Classes
  11. Craft bucket full of art supplies…Do you have an art lover in the family?  How fun would it be to have a craft night together creating some beautiful artwork?
  12. Lunch Dates- Give each child a certificate for a lunch date….maybe your spouse would appreciate that too!
  13. Magazine Subscription- a magazine subscription can be a great gift geared towards the recipients interest, yes it is technically “stuff” but I view this as an educational experience!
  14. Musical Instrument or Music Lessons- Has someone been begging to take music lessons?  Give them some lessons and an instrument if they don’t have one.
  15. Lessons/Classes in their favorite hobby- Dance, Gymnastics, Martial Arts, swim…if they are already involved in these, maybe give them a private lesson to work on a special skill they want to master.
  16. Hot Air Balloon Ride- If you aren’t afraid of heights you might take to the sky for a ride.
  17. Sign them up for a summer camp they want to go to.
  18. A Camera to take pictures of their adventures.
  19. Game Night Package-include a new game, snacks, or other things to make that game night special.
  20. Subscription Box- there are so many out there from books, movies, pets, science, etc
  21. Spotify subscription for a year (or other music subscription if you have a music loving teen)
  22. Gas gift card- Do you have a teen that drives and has to buy their own gas?
  23. Gift Cards to restaurants
  24. Homemade certificate books- to be redeemed by recipient throughout the year.
  25. Train Ride
  26. Gift Card to a Coffee Shop
  27. Trip to an Ice Cream Shop
  28. Passes to go Roller Skating or Ice Skating
  29. Bowling Night
  30. Passes to local indoor rock climbing/ninja warrior gym
  31. Escape Room
  32. Gym Membership or Exercise Classes
  33. Gift certificate for a Massage
  34. Zip Lining
  35. Photo Shoot
  36. Sky Diving lessons
  37. Cooking Lessons
  38. Pedicure/Manicure gift certificate
  39. Hiking
  40. Picnic

In front of the castle at Disneyland.

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